In one year, you can be exactly where you 'were' or you can 'Carve Your Body!'

Introducing CYB Testimonials... There are SO MANY CYBers that literally have 'carved' their bodies, so it's time
to give recognition where recognition is due.  Here on our website and Facebook's Photo Testimonial Albums,
look for many ‘before & after’ CYBers acclaimed for their consistent and hard work here at CYB and some
using our Trim in 6 program.  You may recognize them... well 'less' of them!  But it's not just about their size,
it's about reaching optimal health - from the inside out!

If you have a testimonial or photos you'd like to share, please send to
So many more to come… Keep 'carving!'
SEPT - OCT 2014
6 Weeks!!!
Featuring Trim in 6 Life!