Instructor Monthly Updates

Click link below to view ONE centralized location for
our real-time class schedule
including substitutions or alternating instructors.  
You can view real-time info by the day or by the week.

Any questions or issues, please contact me at

Thank you.


As we head into the 'winter' season - for class
information or cancellations, there are four methods of
retrieving info:  

Main Page of our website

2) Main Studio #: 201-483-7326
Listen for extended greeting. This number is also found on
our business card or class punch card.

3) Our Facebook Page

4)  Mindbody (Real-Time Class Info)

There are plenty ways to be in the know.  Of course,
always use good judgment. Don't risk 'life or limb' to
get to class if roads or conditions are risky.  
Tomorrow is another day. :)